Sunday Night Lights! Order Of Pitches SW Cape Town 2013



Group One

Near Me:
Event website and underlying database premised on hosting event information and searching with relevant criteria such as proximity.


Group Two

Friend Stat:

Analytic software that helps you engage your friends on social media by targeting the content of your posts to match the interests of your friends.

Group Three

Easy Access:
Personal concierge service targeted at large corporations. Simplifying people’s lives by doing the tasks they just don’t have time to.

Group Four

Best Kept:
Online sex toy shop serving Bangkok, Thailand.

 Group Five


Community engagement platform connecting community needs with resources for high impact at a local level.

 Group Six

Happiness Squared:
Happiness equips you with the skills to handle difficult situations and activates career success, social support, health and fulfillment.

Would reading 50 books or having more money make you happier? Science sifts through the possibilities to get evidence based answers and activities that makes us happy (and keeps us that way). Now you can get these on your phone.

Happiness Squared is a mobile application designed to provide scientifically proven techniques for happiness in fun, interactive and short daily tasks. We map out your journey from the pretty awesome person that you are right now to the happier, motivated achiever just waiting to get out.


Group Seven:

Educational age-specific toys delivered to your door as a monthly subscription service.


Group Eight:

Homie transparently allows you to give money to the homeless and this money goes directly to shelters that they have partnered with.